We are pleased to announce that the following ten individuals have recently passed the International Cytometry Certification Examinations (ICCE):
  • Matthew Zimmer
    New York, NY USA
  • Richard Sblendorio
    Lincroft, NJ USA
  • Wai Yu Wong
    Kowloon Mong Kok, Hong Kong
  • Erica Kendrick
    Irving, TX USA
  • Bee Yen Ker
    Singapore, SG
  • Oscar Baterina
    Seattle, WA USA
  • Brittney Wellisch
    San Diego, CA USA
  • Fernando Ortiz Martinez De Carnero
    Toronto, Canada
  • Galina Kislik
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • Jun Wang
    Shanghai, China

Please join the Certification Advisory Committee in congratulating our colleagues in achieving this milestone in their careers!

Since September 2011 the ICCE has certified more than 420 cytometrists worldwide. The ICCE is now available five days a week at nearly 1,000 locations worldwide. Register today!

New Cytometry Certification to Replace ICCE After June 30

ISAC, the International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS), and the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (ASCP BOC) recently introduced the SCYM, a new Specialist Certification in Cytometry (CCy) launching in fall of 2017, which will replace the International Cytometry Certification Exam (ICCE) and the ASCP BOC's Qualification in Cytometry (QCYM) recognition program. Read more...

Paper-based ICCE Exam Offered at CYTO 2017

You can take the International Cytometry Certification Examination (ICCE) at CYTO 2017 on Saturday, June 10. This will be one of your last chances to take the ICCE exam and be grandfathered in as a certified cytometrist in the new, conjoint cytometry certification program to be launched by ASCP BOC, ISAC and ICCS later in 2017. Read more...

Pass the ICCE certification exam by June 30 and be Grandfathered into the new ASCP BOC Cytometry Certification Program

Anyone who takes and passes the ICCE certification exam by June 30 may be Grandfathered into the new Conjoint Cytometry Certification Program to be Launched by ASCP BOC, ISAC and ICCS in Fall 2017. Read more...

ISAC, ICCS and ASCP BOC to Launch New Conjoint Certification in Cytometry

The International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC), the International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS) and the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (BOC) recently announced they have reached an agreement to develop, administer, and maintain a new conjoint Certification in Cytometry to be issued by the BOC. The new Certification in Cytometry will be launched in the spring of 2017, and will replace both the ICCE and the QCYM recognition programs. By combining forces for this new certification, the three societies will be able to increase the impact of cytometry certification in clinical and research fields around the world. Read more...

Raise Your Career and Your Lab to the Next Level by Becoming a Certified Cytometrist!

Becoming a certified cytometrist tells the scientific community that you have cytometry expertise and experience. This proof of competence should increase your chances of getting that job or grant. It will increase your prestige and give you a competitive advantage compared to noncertified cytometrists.

Preparing for the exam will help you increase your knowledge of cytometry. The ICCE can give you a professional goal to work towards.

Becoming a certified cytometrist will give you pride of accomplishment and that sense of satisfaction that comes with achieving an important goal!

About ICCE

The ICCE is the result of two years of collaboration between ISAC, ICCS and ESCCA, with strong financial support from the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation and with valuable input from cytometrists in many locations and work settings.

The process began with a market feasibility study, which concluded that there was a perceived need for a cytometry certification and that there was a common body of knowledge shared by cytometrists in all work settings. A role delineation study was then conducted to produce the ICCE content outline, and volunteers wrote, edited and approved the examination.

Certified Cytometrists are encouraged to use the designation C.Cy. or CCy after their names on their letterhead, business cards, website and all forms of address to indicate that they have achieved this status.